Tuesday, October 07, 2014

A Week in the Life: Tuesday (Lydia's Grade Eight)

OK, so yesterday the schedule got interrupted, but the work missed (mostly the independent work) can be caught up over the rest of the week.  

Folk songs: oops, we never did do that.

Daughter of Time, pages 150-164 (chapter 13): got that done.

Composer Study: Wagner's "Love Feast of the Apostles" :  I read some notes on this and then we let it play (it's 30 minutes long) while Lydia worked on new bead-head dolls.
Latin: Our Roman Roots ( lesson from yesterday):  did that.
French Smart 7 (continue verb review and computer vocabulary): didn't get to that one.

I know Lydia did some readings herself from Bible Through the Ages and The Twelve Teas of Friendship. She did not get any math done but says she will be on it tomorrow.

Tonight is choir practice.

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