Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Whole Different Week in the Life (Wednesday): Lydia's Grade Eight

A good thought for today:  "The best people to deal with are those who are very reluctant to encroach and who are careful to always give all they have agreed to."  ~~ Whatever Happened to Justice?, by Richard J. Maybury.

Current Events

Whatever Happened to Justice?, chapter 9, "Ambient Encroachment and Tacit Contracts."  "The best way to handle misunderstandings is to prevent them."

Nature Journalling:
*Appreciating the Gifts of Each Day (writing nature notes)
* make an illustrated entry

A Man for All Seasons, Act II

Picture Study: Titian, Portrait of Clarissa Strozzi

French & Latin


Speech Writing, grammar and math as for Tuesday

Physical Science, "Ozone." "So, we must have ozone to protect us from the sun's ultraviolet rays, but we cannot breathe it in, or it would kill us." (page 44) Read together and discuss the extra environment printouts.

Westward Ho! 17  already read

 Extra readings, including Bible.

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