Monday, October 13, 2014

A Whole Different Week in the Life (Tuesday): Lydia's Grade Eight


Ourselves Book II, starting The Way of the Will.

Poetry: England in Literature, Spenser

Nature Journalling (that's how we spell it in Canada):
*Janet Marsh's Nature Journal, read her entries for Oct. 2, 5, and 7
*Keeping a Nature Journal: Appreciating the Gifts of Each Day: make a short written entry based on this challenge
* Use some of our really good art materials to do a really good drawing of something in the yard. Special bonus art lesson for everyone: Jeannette Tulis has a very detailed post here about drybrush technique for nature notebooks.

Plutarch: Crassus, Lesson 7

French (all week)

Latin, continue Lesson 2


Speech Writing:  big push to get the speech written this week.

Grammar: continue the review that got left from last week; move on to new topics (all week)

Math: Geometric and Binary Sequences (all week)

Physical Science, Module 2: Air. Read the section on "Global Warming." "Although the fear that too much carbon dioxide in the air could lead to global warming is based on sound scientific reasoning, reality is...more complex than that." (page 38) What does he mean?

(Read together and discuss: the additional environment articles (printed out)) (all week)

Westward Ho!, chapter 16

Extra readings, including Bible, history, How to Be Your Own Selfish Pig.

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